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Welcome to your WedBook Shelby! Cascades (Nov 2018)

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A free service from The American Wedding Guide to help recommend and book your wedding vendors!

“You’re getting married!! πŸ™‚ I am so excited for you and your fiance. And I’m so glad to be here to help you research and book your dream wedding vendors!” -Linda

It includes:

– Checkoff Lists
– Printable Worksheets
– Calendar
– Link to your Pinterest Board
– and many more helpful tools

As we gather ideas together and start to bring your dream vision into reality, I will be here to email or call with any questions to help you through.

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Name:​ Shelby Matus​
Wedding Date:​ Nov 2018
What have you booked so far?
1) Type in the COMPANY NAME next to what you have booked as of today.
2) Type in YES if you are interested in certain services.
3) Type in NO if you are not interested in that service.
4) Then, reply back to me with the information and I will create your WedBook!

Wedding Date: ​ 4/22/18

Venues + Rentals
Accommodations: ​​

Officiants: ​​

Banquet Facility Venue: ​​Possibly Cascades

Rentals – Tents, chairs, chair covers, linens: ​​

Rentals – Bartending and event staff: ​​

Rehearsal Dinner/Shower Location:​

Bridal Accessories: ​​

Bridal Coordinator: ​

Dress/Formalwear: ​

Cake: ​

Caterer: ​

Dental Care
Teeth Whitening: ​

Teeth Cleaning: ​​​

Teeth Aligning: ​

Favors: ​​​

Wedding Charity Donations: ​

Health + Fitness
Gym / Fitness / Diet and Nutrition / Personal Trainer: ​​​

Spa Day: ​​​


Jeweled Bouquets: ​​​

Preserve Flower Bouquets: ​

Beauty + Jewelry
Hair Stylist:

Make Up Artist: ​

Jewelry – Wedding Rings: ​​​

Jewelry – Bridesmaids and Mothers:​​​

Jewelry Party Get-Together: ​​

Travel + Honeymoon
Honeymoon: ​

Mini-Moon: ​

Invitations: ​

Music Entertainment: ​​​

Dance Lessons: ​

Photo + Video
Photographer: ​

Photo Booth: ​​​

Videographer: ​​​

Transportation/Limo: ​

Wedding Insurance: ​

For The Home
Need a new car: ​​

Know someone who needs a car (referral program: receive $100 per sale): ​​​

Realtor- Thinking of buying or selling a home?: ​

Realtor – Thinking of renting:​

Financial Services/Accounting: ​

Aquariums + Ponds (referral programs): ​


STEP 2: For our records:​ Yes​
If you are interested in having my assistance in recommending wedding vendors, please review below and reply to go forward. If you do not need my service, please respond with No Thanks, I do not need your service.

Please reply with YES, I AGREE.
This is a free service to you. By working with us you agree to the following:

Description of Services
As your bridal consultant my role includes:

β€’ Review of our wedding professionals to fit your event style and budget.

β€’ You, the wedding couple, understands that you will make the actual selections of service providers and speak with the vendors to obtain their contract if booked at the scheduled time agreed upon.

β€’ You, the wedding couple, will make payments directly to the service providers/vendors and not the Bridal Consultant, nor LinDesign Studios dba The American Wedding Guide.

β€’ I, as your Bridal Consultant, and LinDesign Studios dba The American Wedding Guide, cannot guarantee any service provider’s performance or product. Wedding contracts will be between you, the wedding couple and chosen vendor. I, as your Bridal Consultant and LinDesign Studios dba The American Wedding Guide will not be liable, and will not be associated with any iniquity done between you, the wedding couple and the vendor.

β€’ Upon booking with a Vendor in the program, you, the wedding couple will email a copy of the signed vendor contract to the consultant for our records.

Payment terms
Meetings scheduled by me, your bridal consultant with vendors in the program are done at no cost to you, the wedding couple.

Any changes made to this letter of agreement must be made in writing and signed by all parties. You, the wedding couple, may cancel this agreement, in writing, for any reason. If the wedding is canceled, I, the Bridal Consultant, and LinDesign Studios dba The American Wedding Guide are not liable for any charges made by any vendor.

Wedding Consultant:

Linda Piddington

Signed up at Bill Millers Castle 3-12-17

Mailing Address?