CT wedding vendors
CT Weddings

Tips & Tricks

      Keep organized with this amazing worksheet planner that you build yourself!


  • Planning Worksheets
  • Build your own binder
  • Add important receipts and information about your vendors.
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      Great way to keep your car key safely with you and other keys safely behind! Plus, you will always have a hairband handy!


  • Add a hair tie to your keychain that your car key is on.
  • Place them in an easy-release keychain with all your other keys.
  • When you go jogging, just grab the ignition key and wrap the hair tie around your wrist.
      Easy way to create your seating chart!


  • Purchase “page markers” sticky notes.
  • Color code them by Bride and Groom family.
  • Write each persons names and add them to the Wedding Planner Worksheets downloaded HERE! Add and switch people as needed!
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