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Steps in Setting up your Email Marketing Campaigns

1) Set up your access to our Leads List
You will have access to our database 24/7. You can go on and use these lists for other marketing for your services
such as flyers, calling/emailing directly, ect. Please follow the directions below to set up your new gmail account.

Instructions on how to set up a new gmail account.
       a) Please click HERE to create a new gmail account as follows below. NOTE: BE SURE TO BE LOGGED OUT OF ALL OTHER GMAIL ACCOUNTS
       “YOUR COMPANY NAME”TAWG@gmail.com
               Replace “YOUR COMPANY NAME” with your company name. (no spaces)  TAWG@gmail.com must be in the email address name.
               (without the quotation marks and no spaces) If you have questions on this please email us.
               Example: TheFlowerPotTAWG@gmail.com
       c) Please notify me by email when you have completed this step and I will give you access to the leads database with this new gmail you have created.

2) Filling out our Sign Up Form
We have set up a Sign Up Form to gather information about your company and goals to achieve
in your email marketing campaigns. Please click on the link below to fill out our Sign Up Form.


3) Google Drive Dropbox
We will set up a Google Drive folder for you to upload all your photos and email content you would like to use
in your campaigns upon review of your Sign Up Form.
4) Phone Conference
We will then set up a phone conference or meet in person to discuss designing your next 6 campaigns.
5) Designing and Proofing
Upon completion of the design of the 6 campaigns, we will send you a proof of each one for approval.
6) Scheduled Delivery
Each campaign will be scheduled to go out once a month landing on the closest Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.
These days of the week tend to have the best open rate.
7) Analytics
We will analyze the results per click and open rates and choose the best format to use for the next 6 months.
We will repeat these steps as necessary.

Please call me with any questions.


Linda M. Piddington