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Below is a step by step explanation of our packages, programs and additional services.


1: What is The American Wedding Guide (TAWG)?

TAWG is an iPad sized wedding planner that is given out as a free gift to Brides-to-be within Fairfield County, New Haven County, and along the shoreline in CT.

It’s broken down into 3 sections:

  • Section 1:   Company Display Ads: Our team chooses 7-10 local CT vendors in Fairfield County, New Haven County, and along the shoreline in CT to display their company ad within the appropriate category section.
  • Section 2:  Editorial Section: This is where we add useful planning editorial with helpful articles from our experienced wedding vendors, as well as, necessary information the bride must learn.
  • Section 3:  Wedding Planning Worksheets: A section with timetables and worksheets to help keep her on track. Our guide is purse-sized to be carried daily. Once she writes into it, she will hold onto it and refer back to your company ad when she is ready to book with you.

2: Where is the wedding planner distributed?

  • Bridal Shops: Our wedding planner is distributed within Fairfield County, New Haven County and along the shoreline in CT as a free gift to brides-to-be.
  • Local Bridal Shows: Our charismatic team attends 35+ bridal shows a year to distribute our wedding planner as well as consult with the bride regarding her planning. (see bridal show list below)
  • Participating Vendors:  Our family of vendors love handing out our helpful planner. Brides love it, use it, and carry it in their purse to always keep handy to use as they plan their important details of their wedding. They also appreciate the caring gift from the vendor. Organization is KEY in wedding planning!

3: When do you print and how many copies?

  • We print in November for the new year
  • 7,500-10,000 copies of The American Wedding Guide are printed yearly.

4: Some more perks and advantages

  • Our Bridal Appointment Booking Program. Our Bridal Consultants meet with registered engaged couples one-on-one to book appointments to come meet you.
  • We give away a free all-inclusive honeymoon every year
  • We’re not pushy. We simply recommend “CT’s BEST WEDDING MERCHANTS” in our guide to local CT brides.
  • The bride will keep the guide until she needs your service. Does not get overwhelmed. Is completely at her leisure to call upon the best wedding vendors to help create her perfect wedding. 🙂
  • Great thing about TAWG: You will have the option to reach out to our brides directly as our partner, by utilizing our extensive bridal referral database.

“The key to investing in quality advertising is to be certain the advertisement is getting the RIGHT exposure at the RIGHT time to the RIGHT clientele, and stays with them.”

Within Our Packages:

Below is an explanation of our packages designed to fit any budget!

Leads List Access

• You will have access to 40,000+ brides all on excel files that are opted-in to receive emails from us and our vendors.*

• The database is with hundreds of newly engaged couples ready to start planning her wedding. You will be able to utilize these valuable lists to set up email or print campaigns to brides in need of your services.

The bridal leads lists include:

• Brides name
• Grooms name
• Email Address
• Home Address
• Wedding Day
• Approx. number of guests
• Home phone
• Work phone
• Wedding Facility
• Approx. Wedding Budget
• List of what services/products that she is currently looking to purchase and secure

*access will be granted when leads list package amount is paid in full.

Online Company Profile

  • You will receive an online company profile upon sign up on our planning website: www.theamericanweddingguide.com
  • It includes your company info and link to your website.

Directory Listing

  • You will receive a directory listing located in our wedding planner.


Custom design your marketing package to fit your business needs.



PACKAGE 1 – Display Ad

  • Company Display Ad in wedding planning guide
  • Online Company Contact Directory Listing
  • Directory Listing in Guide

PACKAGE 2 – Leads Database Access

  • 24/7 Bridal Leads Database Access
  • Online Company Contact Directory Listing


Save when you bundle on our most popular services and connect one-on-one with more brides.


PACKAGE A – Premium Marketing with BAB & Database Access

  • Company Display Ad in wedding planning guide
  • Online Company Contact Directory Listing
  • Directory Listing in Guide
  • BAB Program
  • Leads Database Access

PACKAGE B – Premium Marketing with BAB 

  • Company Display Ad in wedding planning guide
  • Online Company Contact Directory Listing
  • Directory Listing in Guide
  • BAB Program


Bridal Appointment Booking (BAB) Program

1) Our bridal consultants are meeting with registered brides to see what services are yet to secure.
2) Once you are signed into our program, our bridal consultant will get to know you and your services.
3) When the bride is ready to book your product or service, our consultant will text you to check availability. If the date is open, the consultant will schedule a meeting for the bride to speak with you about booking.
This service is completely FREE to the bride!
It’s the perfect way to meet with newly engaged brides that already have interest in purchasing from you!

Add on 1  – Editorial

Be viewed as an expert! Write a helpful generic editorial
to be posted online and in our planner.
Includes Credits: Writer’s Name, Business Name and URL

Add on 2  – Extra Directory Listing

Add your company to an additional category in our directory listing.

Direct Email Marketing

Drive Targeted Traffic with Monthly News/Sales Letter

• 12 consecutive month commitment*

• 6 consecutive month commitment*

* Email Program.

Additional Monthly Email Blasts:

Segmented List | Yahoo/Aol | Client List



Full page
Half page
Quarter Page
Two Page Spread
Back Cover
Inside Back Cover
Inside Front Cover

Our team is looking forward to help grow your company this year and next! 

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